so… cleaning the car.

i let my car get out of hand. i really did. the backseat was so full of books and papers and, um… miscellaneous that i got asked last weekend if i was moving. if i was moving. yeah.

so, today, on my lunch break, i decided to throw out a few things, put everything else in a pile, and generally de-clutter my vehicle. in addition to a red oily substance that smelled like rotten cinnamon and a green sticky substance that smelled like garbage, i found CDs! CDs that i forgot I had! Or that I knew I had but I didn’t know where they were! See below!

Stevie Wonder: Innervisions
Imogen Heap: Speak for Yourself
Tom Petty: Anthology-Through the Years
Dean Martin: Dino: The Essential Dean Martin
Bob Dylan: Greatest Hits Volume 3
Citizen Cope: The Clarence Greenwood Recordings

Thank goodness I found these. I don’t think I could have made it through the summer without "tangled up in blue," "higher ground," and "jammin’ me" … i mean, really.


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  1. Nice blog! I’ve also done car cleaning the other day. It feels good to see my car clean and smells good. I also installed a new mazda radiator – – (the old one was clogged). By the way, those are great CD collections, glad you’ve found it.

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