workin’ for the weekend.

this week, i truly could not wait for the weekend. i was just exhausted all week, overbooked, underloved… you know the drill.

so, as of about 7 pm, after i stop to buy supplies, i will be holed up in my house until sunday morning. don’t worry about me, i’ll be fine.

i will subsist on orange juice and cheerios and diet coke and kettle corn and baked lays and maybe a couple of those lean cuisine panini things. and maybe a few leftover peeps.

i will not *not* be in my pajamas for the duration.

i will not apply makeup or put in contacts unless absolutely necessary.

do not contact me, unless we have a prior agreement. you might interrupt something really good on TV. except, i just checked the tvguide website and the E! True Hollywood Story that’s on tomorrow is about America’s Next Top Model… and I could care less. if it’s not something on par with j.lo or trust fund babies, i’m out. also, the lifetime movie lineup looks pretty lame, although maybe in the moment i will change my mind.

anyway, enjoy your weekend. i know i will.


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