i’m pretty hard-core.

because, after staying out late for a show, and coming home and doing a quick and dirty album review?

and going to bed at 3 am?

and getting up five hours later?

i could not, for the life of me, remember which knob in my shower made the hot water come out. i stood there while the water got colder and colder, while utter confusion turned into “oh no the hot water heater must be broken but not today not today i didn’t wash my hair yesterday i can’t make it one more day” turned into “wait. oh. hang on. i think i have the cold water on full blast.”

it only took me about three minutes, but still. i’ve lived here for almost six months. there really isn’t any excuse for that.


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  1. That’s a pretty hilarious story. I think I felt that way after waking up super early on Monday to go to Radnor. It was so worth it – but I was a zombie the rest of the day.

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