what to buy with 56,000,000,000

today, i decided to check my keyword stats. what do people type into their happy little search engines that lead them to my happy little blog?

painted toenail pics (ever try a google image search? that might be faster than having to come here and find out that my L key was jammed because of a potential piece of toenail. it wasn’t, though. it was… something else.)

las paletas (i can’t blame you. the place is great.)

emergence of metrosexual (someone is doing research for something. normal people don’t type "emergence" in search engines.)

don’t let the sun be the one to change you baby (did someone give you an unlabeled mix CD with this song on it too? so you googled the lyrics to find out what the song was? because that’s how i found out that it’s "forever lost" by the magic numbers. great song, terrible mix CD manners…)

dear zach braff (um… yeah. zach, is that you?)

my-motion-sickness march-2007 (it’s not too bad this month, thanks.)

nashville rendezvous (ooh. i’m intrigued.)

don’t let the sun be the one to change you (baby. forever lost. magic numbers.)

write fast and neat (why not just type, like me. i can’t help you with handwriting. mine is what you might expect to see from someone who has three broken fingers.)

neat drawing (again. the title of the blog is misleading. i’m not neat in many senses, except, like, "oh, isn’t that neat." kind of the polite way you say it when you don’t actually care. you know.) and this one? this one is my favorite.

what to buy with 56,000,000,000 (dude. WHY didn’t you call me?! really, that’s something i can actually help you with. i know i don’t write about it too much, but i am excellent at finding things to buy. start with me! buy my salary, and i will happily work for you, and show you exactly what to buy with NINE FREAKING ZEROS. talk about burning a hole in your pocket. sheeeeeesh.)


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