new year’s reso-what?

it seems that my new year’s resolution to actually get back to blogging is on the fast track to failure. i don’t know why. i love this little blog. what i don’t love? my laptop battery that died, and so only works when my laptop is plugged in. the fact that my laptop roars as loud as a jet engine, so i can’t watch TV and be on the computer at the same time. my L key that must have something like a piece of granola or maybe a popcorn kernel or a piece of toenail underneath it because it only works intermittently and then only when i slam its little face in.

add to this the art class, the recent trip to nyc, the upcoming trip to israel… and i have PLENTY, or PENTY, as my keyboard seems to think, to write about but very little time in which to write it.

but i’ll try. even though i know there is no try, only (ony) do or do not.

(i’m going to go power down my lappy and take off the L key. i’ll let you know what i find.)


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One response to “new year’s reso-what?

  1. Renee

    So, I tossed a CD on my bed, it hit my laptop keyboard and now my 9 and o keys are gone. I’ve had this since September, but I’m getting used to typing without them. I was told I have to replace the whole keyboard, that they don’t keep extra keys around anywhere (note: get into business of selling laptop keys), but I haven’t called Dell yet to see if maybe they DO carry them …

    I feel your pain.

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