things to think about

1. i’m actually a dave matthews fan. i guess i have been in denial about this since i moved to nashville. i loved dave back in the day, ever since i bought the under the table and dreaming cassette tape in 1996. i always skip dave matthews songs when they come up on itunes, saying i’m not in the mood.

two days ago, i started listening to all dave, all the time. i’m not sure what brought that on.

2. i’m about to start a drawing class. and a pastels class. on the same night. this means that every thursday night for the next six weeks is going to be extremely difficult for me. i see a lot of things in my mind that i wish i could convey more artistically than just writing them, but i just don’t have the skill. after this six weeks, we’ll see if there is at least any potential there.

3. i joined weight watchers… again… last tuesday.

4. i absolutely must learn math and take the GRE this year. i must apply to graduate school by december.

5. i got my third tattoo on saturday.


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One response to “things to think about

  1. we live parallel lives, I swear it.
    1. Totally on a U2 kick. It’s been awhile.
    2. Sitting in a boring, district-mandated computer class for four hours each Tuesday night.
    3. Started a physician’s assisted weight loss program almost three weeks ago.
    4. Need to take the GRE to get into doc school.
    5. You’re my hero with three tattoos – OUCH!

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