four brothers

so, i have this thing for violent movies.

violence has never bothered me that much in movies. i don’t know if it’s because i am always thinking on the creation level – thinking about casting and costumes and props and directing and shooting on location.

the godfather is one of my favorite movies of all time… and while we’re at it, let’s just make that the whole trilogy. i particularly love movies with a clan or gang theme.

i recently saw the departed with some friends, and they were really impacted by the violence. i had a hard time explaining to my friend bets that movies like that don’t even leave a blip on my radar. i was more put off my the language than by the violence.

so i don’t know if it’s because i’ve seen so many shoot-em-up type flicks that i’m immune to it, or maybe i actually *like* the violence… who knows. while watching four brothers this morning, i found myself yelling, “HECK yeah! BOBBY gon’ do it! YEAH!”

so… uh. maybe i’m just disturbed?


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