third thursday gallery crawl

it’s not going to be as detailed as my usual activity posts are, because i don’t feel good. i also just slammed a couple shots of nyquil, so i’ll be lucky to finish this post before i start drooling.

we hopped on the bus at 6, and shortly thereafter we headed out. the stops:
exchange gallery
midtown gallery
local color gallery
hanging around
fabu/the trading company

all of the stops were great. the folks at the galleries were hospitable, and they served us a great spread of munchies and wine, and were oh-so-helpful and accomodating. heck, the framer at midtown gallery even made a batch of her triple chocolate decadence (or something like that… you get the idea) brownies.

my favorite art is still hanging on the walls at plowhaus, though. if i only had a brain, i would have scrawled some notes… maybe artist names? titles? instead, all i can say is that i want “the $90 one with black trees and a purple and orange sunset with the edges of the canvas painted black.” terrible.

and our shop stop at fabu/the trading company almost changed my life. they had such a great variety of products there…at a great variety of prices. i got some cool stocking stuffers and a new lamp for me… for $20 (originally $47.95, and i didn’t even have to haggle. she just OFFERED to drop the price.). i highly recommend popping in there for some holiday shopping… especially if you’re buying for me. 🙂

off to have medicine-induced dreams. i’ll let you know if i dream of monkeys again.


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