knitting stinks.

yeah, i know… and like all of my friends do it.

maybe i’m just daft, because it feels SO impossible when i pick up those stupid needles.

i bought a ton of cute yarn today and cast on like a champ. and then…

and then i just can’t figure out knitting. it seems very difficult to me. as in… WHY WOULD ANYONE EVER DO THIS ON PURPOSE? i can see doing it if you’re trapped in a pile of yarn and your only way out is to knit something. or if you’re held hostage and are forced, at gunpoint, to knit a scarf a day until you are released. but for fun? i can’t imagine it.

crochet, on the other hand? oh, i could crochet for days. i made a scarf last night. it’s fun for me. i like it. why are there no cool crochet websites? i don’t WANT to know how to make granny squares and doll clothes. i want to make cute and cool things. like they show on the KNITTING websites.




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2 responses to “knitting stinks.

  1. Hey there,

    sign up for the Lion Brand website and go to their free patterns. They have some decent crochet ones. I have a list a mile long somewhere.

    I’m with you. Crochet I can do w/ my eyes closed, knitting is too much like work, but, I still try 😉

  2. thanks, gail! i’ll check that out! 🙂

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