it’s over, zach.

i was so faithful. so true. i linked you on my blog. twice.

and now this crap. what WAS that mess? i mean the last kiss, in case you’re looking around thinking, “what did i do?”

when it wasn’t pornographic, it was depressing.

and not in that really good artistic depressing way. just in the lame “man i am so depressed that i just dropped 8.25 to watch that crap” kind of way.

i mean, i know it’s not your fault. but in the universe of give and take in art and emotion… that movie was a vacuous hole in the universe, sucking not only my artistic drive, but also my will to live, my desire to ever watch you in a movie again, and also… my unfailing love. i’m taking the link off of my blog.

it’s over. and no amount of sleeping on the porch will ever win me back.



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3 responses to “it’s over, zach.

  1. this is such a disappointing review!!! i knew from the movie trailer that there would be more “action” than i am comfortable with, but i was going to make an exeption. because i knew you were in *heart* with him.

    so sorry he let you down. bummer, babe. a vacuous hole indeed.

  2. yeah, it’s not worth it, even for zach braff. the porn cancels out the coolness. 😦

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