some saturday.

today, i explored nashville like it was my job. i’ve decided that if i’m going to stick around for a while, then i’m really going to dig in to the things that the city has to offer.

my friend linda and i left for our adventure around 1230. our first stop was noshville. i brought it up, since i started craving their matzah ball soup at 830 this morning. i know. when we got there, we were both elated to see the bowl of deli pickles on the table, and i ate one immediately. i ordered the aforementioned soup and a grilled cheese (provolone) with tomato on marble rye with fries. she ordered the PPPLT (potato pancake, pastrami, lettuce, and tomato) with fries.

the highlights:
neither of us could eat the second halves of our sandwiches.
we both agreed that the fries were the perfect taste and consistency.
although i didn’t eat any, it makes me happy to see good mustard on the table.
i sat right under a map of new york state.
a fight almost broke out over who got to eat the third pickle.

after noshville, we went next door to J-J’s Market because linda needed a “fizzy drink.” this place is quickly becoming one of my favorite places on the planet. although we didn’t stick around, it’s a great place to spend some time unwinding. i bought bottled water and a ritter sport bar (!!) for our ride across town to the nashville farmer’s market.

side note:
two weeks ago at J-J’s i was served, with amazing precision, the best nonfat caramel latte i’ve ever consumed.

what can i say about the farmer’s market? pavilion after pavilion of treasures. it doesn’t matter if you’re just looking for a gyro for lunch, or if you’re in the market for potted plants, jams, sunglasses ($7 with or $5 without crystals!), seaweed, grapeseed oil, candles, nag champa, flip-flops, bath mats, chopsticks, drill bits, avon, lint rollers, totebags, machetes, honey with the comb in the jar, or locally grown produce, this place has the hook-up. one pavilion has the produce, another has the plants, two more have the flea market portion, and two more house various restaurants, an international market, and an oriental market.

linda scored a stylin’ belt for 3 bucks and a new pair of flip flops for 5. i snagged a cute pink plaid tote for 2 bucks. it almost made me forget about the rivulets of sweat running down my face and back.

no, not really.

she bought some beautiful tomatoes, peppers, and a canary melon. i bought a jar of seedless blackberry jam and a pound of grapes.

the 110-pound watermelon that a local farmer felt obligated to show us after we remarked on its 70-pound baby brother sitting near the cash register.
the smell of south carolina peaches. also the smell of grapes.
the man and his wife at the oriental market. after i paid for my seaweed strips, he pulled a bag out from behind the counter and made me taste some chip-like seaweed snacks. the whole time, his wife talked to us in a language i certainly did not understand. at least she was friendly.

after our scores at the market, we stopped at trim to pick up some hair products (linda’s, mine).

from there, it was on to what may have been the most important destination of the day – las paletas. linda tried the green tea flavor, and i tried creamy lime. she adored hers. although mine was definitely delicious and had chunks of real lime melting out of the ice cream, i prefer the chocolate raspberry flavor. it’s my favorite so far.

last stop: tea time. we drove past it on the way to las paletas, so we decided to eat our paletas while talking about tea with the fabulous store owner, kim carpenter drake (no relation). this woman? she knows her tea. she informed me about brewing methods, flavors of tea, cultural traditions, the technicalities of importing tea (apparently it’s considered a biohazard after 9/11 – who knew?)

a hot and a cold tea sample every day.
she sells tea for the bath!
a blue ceiling. and a blue couch.
sample sachets, 5 for $5.

and now, exhausted and fully stocked with grapes and pomegranate tea for the week ahead, i conclude my saturday recap.



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2 responses to “some saturday.

  1. I’ve only been to the Farmer’s Market but would so love to check out all these other places, too! Guess that may be a possibility now…

    =) Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. i’m so stoked about the possibility of being friends in the same city. 🙂

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