showing some love

dear internet:

you should meet my friend angela. she’s freaking amazing. i met her through a blog of a blog. seriously. i met angela because she saw a comment of mine on mike’s blog. i met mike because he saw a comment of mine on jeremy’s blog. i met jeremy’s blog because i did a google image search for candy. i know.

after a few emails, ang and i decided to meet in person last fall when she was in town for a visit with her family. can anyone say long lost sister?

we just concluded our second nashville rendezvous. we had a bit more time this time. we laughed loud. we listened to each other’s stories (i feel like i told her my entire life story. do i talk a lot?). she prayed for me before she left.

she left me with a mix, though. the GGS vol.3 MAFIA mix. oh, glorious. it’s brilliant. positively brilliant.


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  1. you, my friend, are toooooo awesome! =) glad you have a deep appreciation for volume three. thanks for visiting with me, girl!

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