don’t let the sun be the one to change you, baby

Edited on 8/9/07:
Dear 47% of people who find this blog by searching the post title: Those are words from the chorus of the song "Forever Lost" by The Magic Numbers.

well, i’ve been scarce in blog-o-land lately. i’m just under one month shy of my twenty-ninth birthday and i’m in the midst of quite a few changes. the biggie: my time in nashville may be is drawing to a close. yeah. we’ll talk more about that after i tell my boss when he returns form his business trip.

it’s a bittersweet move(although, more sweet than bitter), and has been influenced by many factors. i’m in denial that eventually i will not live in this city with my current group of friends. clearly, they are all moving with me. to deal with the impending trauma, i’ve been spending a drastically increased amount of time in coffee shops lately, head down, earbuds in, listening to death cab for cutie and the shins and kings of leon and the magic numbers and sufjan stevens. and chain-drinking coffee. but don’t tell anyone, since i gave up coffee in may. yeah.


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One response to “don’t let the sun be the one to change you, baby

  1. *gasp*
    say it’s not so! you’re supposed to be my friend when i move to nash-vegas in two years!!!! =0

    oh – i get it – you’re thinking about spring hill instead of brentwood. that’s what you mean by leaving nashville, RIGHT?!?!
    *dreadful sobs*

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