something’s wrong

i watched TV for too many hours today. secret life of hors d’ouevres (i got slightly indignant at the ill-treatment of the buffalo wing), secret life of cajun and creole (let me just say, yuck. the only enjoyment i derived from that show was the brief bit of zydeco music.), and two (TWO!) lifetime movies (i mean, kerri russell as a single mom trying to go to cornell? a husband who comes out of a coma with brain damage and amnesia? that’s quality entertainment.).

also, i sold my imogen heap tickets.

i don’t even like TV.
or cajun or creole food (although, i am wondering who i know that might be willing to host a saturday morning zydeco breakfast).
or bad acting.
and i love imogen heap.

be concerned. be very concerned.



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2 responses to “something’s wrong

  1. girl, where are you?! you’re a worse blogger than moi, me thinks…


  2. amy

    i know, i suck. 😦

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