work, work, work, all day long

today is our shipping director’s last day at the office. i’ll miss her terribly… not just because we’ve become great friends over the time she’s been here, but also because her duties now fall to me.

which means i have spent today being trained on procedures and processes. and touring the storage unit. and staring open-mouthed at someone else’s computer screen while mumbling things like, "ok, now all i do is type in the weight?" "shoot, i forgot to save those changes." "oops, can i reprint that?" "now what do i do? wait – don’t tell me." and so on and so on, until i’m sure steph wishes her last day was yesterday and i could just train myself in the intricacies of order fulfillment and shipping.

we ordered cinnamon rolls in honor of the leaving. we went out to lunch in honor of the leaving. we had a work party in honor of the leaving.

this means that my nourishment today has come from a one and a half cinnamon rolls, one pepperoni calzone, a diet coke, one big piece of red velvet and strawberry ice cream cake, and a cup of coffee.

i know with everything in me, including the part of my brain that is currently counting calories, that that’s just wrong.

but it tasted so right.

dear nashville,

if you haven’t visited joey’s house of pizza yet, it’s been your loss. real ny-style pies right here in music city (well, kind of right here in music city. more like, right in the heart of office park land, but still.). go say hi to joey, chris, and the fam. i also recommend the pepperoni calzone… it’s very close to the best calzone i’ve ever had.

go get a hot piece.



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