work it out now

i suggest a priority alignment if you live in the nashville area and you think it is going to be ok for you to skip the next zoom! performance.

i thought it would be fine. a friend had been trying to get me to go for months. she sent out an announcement via e-mail every month. she asked me in person if i would be attending. “it’s old school funk and soul,” she’d say.

it starts at 10 pm, and i work a nine-to-five job… no way. plus, i’m not really into that kind of music.
so i kept putting her off.

last month, i thought, “maybe if i go once she’ll stop being so persistent.”

so i went last month.

allow me to repent.

first. of doing something just to say that i did it.
second. of my assumption that i “didn’t like funk.”
third. of taking way too long to get my butt out to 3rd & lindsley to see that show.

it was face-rocking.
it was rib-rattling.

it was nothing short of amazing. the band is absolutely the tightest band i’ve ever seen play live. their only weak spot is… oh yeah, they don’t have one.


dear nashville:

go to zoom! – it’s worth the $5 to get in and the sleep deprivation hangover the next day. if you have any sort of appreciation for great music and disgusting talent, this is your kind of show.

go get you some filing for that funk hole down in your soul.


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