bring the funk.

other than the fact that i feel thisclose to being completely overrun by exhaustion and neuroses, i’m doing well.

splendid, even.

i’ve had to come to terms with some facts of life:

me and my big mouth. i think that’s pretty clear.
i can’t fix everything. or anything, for that matter.
working = getting paid. it’s best not to romanticize the whole concept of employment.
people are weird. that means you. also me.
relationships are hard. relationships are hard.
boys are confusing.

it’s been a rough couple of weeks. many things have changed and those that haven’t changed yet…will.

some bright spots:

thursday, my parents arrive in nashvegas.
friday, i’m coloring easter eggs.
sunday, i will celebrate easter.
sunday, i will eat ham with my family and some good friends.

and tonight? tonight i’m going to go listen to some old-school funk. i know. you’re jealous.



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2 responses to “bring the funk.

  1. Old school funk?!? Wowza, I AM jealous! On a school night too…

  2. funny how “relationships are hard. relationships are hard” & “boys are confusing” go together, huh? 😉

    weird that you call the beloved homeland “nashvegas” when a certain following call greenville “g-vegas.”

    i think we’re kindred spirits or something. yeah. something.

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