i’ll defenestrate them!

i can’t believe it.

defenestrate is the dictionary.com word of the day.

this has been my word. the word that i learned in tenth grade. the word that i still bust out when people start talking about big words. and hardly anybody ever knows what the word means. it’s my secret weapon.

except now, all 28, 860 people who get the word of the day via bloglines and the untold zillions that get the word of the day in their email inboxes know the wonders of defenestrate.

hopefully i’ll still be able to keep up my parlor tricks among the circle of people i know.

they can’t all subscribe to the word of the day.


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One response to “i’ll defenestrate them!

  1. How roooode of them to poach that word from you! I’d never heard it before, but I agree that it’s a good one. 🙂

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