i’d like to

…take a few days off from work and drive somewhere, just to feel wind and sun at 75 miles per hour and to sit in a coffeeshop i’ve never seen before. preferably the dark kind.

…buy about 1500 cute and cool things i’ve found around the internet. why are all the really cool things like, infinity dollars?

…be able to knit a really groovy scarf. instead, i started learning with this cheap-o pukey plain baby blue yarn. and i’m just learning, so i’m going to finish it.

…blog my little head off right about now. i’d love to tell you all about me versus the grocery store (craisins, specifically), my salsa experience, how live music changes me a little bit more with every show, the holy-wow phase of my life that’s just starting, how much i really love ballroom dancing after tonight, or just one of the 56,000,000,000 reasons that my best friend is my best friend.

i’d like to do all of those things, but i have to go to bed now. and work tomorrow. and other things all weekend. maybe sunday night… you, me, a nice coffeeshop in the ‘burbs… you know how we do.



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4 responses to “i’d like to

  1. okay, so i know that this message wasn’t directed toward me, but count me in with the 28,000 other people who would like to sit with you in a coffee shop in the burbs.

    all things Nashville is just too far away for my liking! sigh. poor me. =)

  2. amy

    yes it was directed at you! aw. i miss my online pals when i get busy.

    i thought about you the other day… i passed your number in my phonebook and remembered our visit!

  3. GIRL! you pass my number but do not call? who does that? *sad face*

  4. amy

    uhm… i got nothin’. no excuse.

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