the green light flashes, the flags go up

i killed my Moka knock-off this morning.

it’s like the one in the picture, but the blue parts are red. i’ve only had it for about four days, and i was absolutely in love with it. i don’t know what happened, but this morning it never made the soft whistle to let me know it was done brewing. i took it off the burner when it was steaming like mad and making weird popping sounds. i dumped out the coffee, dumped out the grounds, and tried to wash the bottom chamber, which somehow had some funk-nasty burned coffee and grounds in it. the grounds went down the disposal and the sink started to back up a bit, so i turned on the disposal for a second – only to see the water from the sink as well as the small aluminum coffee funnel thingy go down the disposal. it was completely mauled, so i just whisked the whole mess to the trash can. then i stood over the trash can yelling at it. “i just hope you know, i am STILL GOING TO HAVE A GOOD DAY, even without you, you stupid little boiled dry, rooster-looking percolator thingy!” i never was good at goodbyes.

thankfully, when i got to work, allie had a venti starbucks for me (technically, i know it was a grande drip in a venti cup with 6 pumps of vanilla and an ungodly amount of cream and sugar.). i looked to the sky, raised my cup, and praised god. and said “cheers.” Thank You.


today i’ve been listening to an MTV buzz bin CD from 1997. remember the song “standing outside a broken phone booth” by primitive radio gods? i think that song was way ahead of its time. they should re-release it, or whatever you do to songs that were way ahead of their time.


tonight i salsa for the first time. of course i’m nervous. but i’m just going to do it. thank goodness for this buzz bin cd, though. because it’s got “the distance” by cake on it – which means i keep playing air bass and singing:

Bah-duh-Bah-duh-Bah-duh, banow-Nanow-naow
awww, yeah.

and you would not believe the wonders of air bass. it just… gives me such an adrenaline rush. not unlike the rush i get from a monstrous cup of coffee. or an ungodly amount of sugar. but still, i say: bring the salsa. just bring it.


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