even though we ain’t got money

tonight i looked through half of the pottery barn catalog before i realized i am nowhere near being able to buy a $1500 bed and a $700 settee. but, you know, it’s cool. being poor is cool. tonight my friend told me her salary, and it came out something like, “I mean, I’m only making $______.”

and i started cackling. right there on the phone, right there in her ear.

because i make $11,000 less than she does per year.

but i take comfort in the fact that, when i do become wealthy, i will be ready. i have my clippings from different catalogs. i know the colors of the wood, the fabrics, the paints. i have my dreams in a little sterilite container with a white lid. they’re stacked in my closet along with the other sterilite containers that contain paintbrushes and photographs and candles and glue guns.

i am one giant dream waiting to happen, honey.



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4 responses to “even though we ain’t got money

  1. beanie

    I made $8,000 in 2005– hahahahaha!! I love being WAY below the poverty level! It really does make one dream big. I also have a dream box… come on lotto!!! Big hug! B.

  2. amy

    you’re awesome, bean. sorry i didn’t calll you back the other night. i went out and got back late. love you.

    ps lets take a trip when you win the lotto, ok?

  3. Seriously, it’s worth holding onto those Pottery Barn clippings! At least I hope so. Because I have a huge pile of my own.

  4. amy

    girl, you know it.
    oh, joy of joys. i didn’t know you had a blog!

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