two weeks, down

well, i’ve been in ny for two weeks. this morning, i finally fell. i’ve been mincing my steps across sheets of ice for two weeks, and this morning i twisted my ankle on a dry sidewalk and just went down. boom. i imagine it was pretty entertaining to watch, but i’m quite sore now.

other thoughts on being here:

i don’t get to see sunsets like this in nashville. the mountains stretch out along the horizon and the sky melts to pink. in the foreground could be the highway or a pasture with dairy cows, but those mountains are always out there, laying down under the sunset.

i like my siblings. they can be obnoxious and selfish and rude, but they can also be charming and loving and witty and intelligent and giving. as much as I’ve hoped to the contrary, i see so much of me in them.

i really do love dunkin’ donuts.

i miss living in new york.


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