boiling over.

I received the email.

It was disappointing. I hoped to know more. I hoped for an abbreviated version of the past 5 years.

I hoped to know what books he’s reading, what his favorite meal is, if he still listens to This American Life, what he meant when he said I’ve been on his mind lately, if he still smokes Pall Malls, what his friends are like, where he passes his free time… the things you miss when you stop being part of a person’s day-to-day life.

In a way, I got the last five years, but it was too abbreviated. It was five years boiled down to jobs and houses and dating, with a promise of more to come and a batch of hugs to tide me over.

I know that the five year gap was my fault. I know that not everyone is quick to forgive or as easy with the intricacies as I tend to be.

I also know that this man was a rare friend indeed, and I cannot wait to know him again.


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