i’m glad you asked.

i’ve been busy.
in the last month and a half, i’ve:
-found a new place to live
-been reading more than your mom
-learned how to crochet
-started drinking coffee again (although i’m not hooked. i swear.)
-perfected the art of getting free coffee (again. not hooked. swear.)
-gone to concerts (amos lee was out. logen, c. dub, and db #34 were in.)
-become addicted to MySpace (yep. even I fell.)
-gone to parties
-watched the godfather I & II (it’s not personal. it’s business.)
-watched Harry Potter I & II (III tonight.)
-lost 8 pounds (!!)
-detailed my car
-not carved pumpkins
-served up approximately 267 danishes at the global cafe

and i’ll be busy.
just over a month until i go to new york for just under a month. i still have to:
-pack (yippee.)
-move (can you say, walking distance to coffee?)
-get an oil change
-go to concerts (g.love is out. trent dabbs is in. props to jeremy for tuning me in to his existence.)
-go to parties (i have to defend my uno champ title.)
-paint (maybe.)
-finish crocheting my scarf (i just don’t know what to do on the last row)
-perfect the art of getting free money (any tips? anyone?)



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