friday… #4?

I think it is. I’m all kinds of backwards this week.

This post will be about nothing, and I don’t feel like putting it in a list.

WE, Goose – we.

I’m thinking about Katie. I mean how much better can a best friend get? Yesterday I was celebrating Ostracization Day and she hightailed it to the rescue with a burninating conglomo-cappuccino from Daily’s. Completely covered on the outside with speed-bump spillage. We sat in my office with the door locked and ignored everyone who tried to come in. And watched strongbad emails.

Get around.

There is a lot of good music around Nashville lately. I mean, maybe the good music has always been around Nashville, but I haven’t. Now I’m starting to get out a little more. I like.

I’ll be home for Christmas.

My mom might not even live in Corning anymore when I go back. For three weeks. I’d like to see these guys again:

And I’m sure I will.

This has been your useless Friday post. Brought to you by the… the… maybe I need a sponsor.


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