it’s about sugar.

I got an email from an old friend today. It was delivered to an old email account on September 26. When I read it, I could have kicked myself for being almost three weeks late.

She lost her apartment because her roommate moved out. She got laid off – too many cooks in the kitchen. She lives on Beth’s couch and rides the bus into the city every morning at 6:45 and waits for work to start – at 1030 am or 500 pm. Her phone is disconnected.

Beth and her boyfriend give her food and shelter and a bus pass.

I tried to call her last week and her phone was out. I knew then that something must be bad, but I had no way to get in touch with her.

Today I sent her an email in reply. I didn’t have anything to say except “I want life to work for you. I’ve seen behind your eyes and I know what is in there.”

And I didn’t even get that much out. I sent my love and begged God to tack on thousands of dollars.


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