i’m just a poem i’d rather not be

we talked about questions without answers
we thought we could hammer out our own
it was too late for coffee and too early to go

i fumbled pens and paper like always
i’d hate to be unpredictable i’m good for a
drop of my keys awkward eyes um, um, um
suddenly the words walked away, on the heels

of someone’s latte late for a meeting rushing
extra hot and steaming and you’re still there
across and waiting i pry your eyes off of me
let’s just laugh and make this moment less

if there were other people or more space between
it might work like this but it’s just us, eyeballs to
eyeballs i said it’s what i wanted but i can’t hold it
this must not even be two feet and i wish i had more

even the other ones even more than two feet at the
bottom of my legs i could get up from this table i
could crawl away fast i could go with more than two


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