Friday #1

something i used to do on my old blog. Friday is a good day for random cogitation. this week, it’s all about me.

1. i still don’t like fried twinkies.
2. i am a northerner who thinks 60 degrees is cold.
3. i’m going to miss the cat. he’s moving to alabama today.
4. i can’t decide if i’d rather have an iBook or …something else.
5. i want to stop dreaming about boyfriends. i miss them when i wake up.
6. can Nashville please have a fall that feels like a new york fall (minus the snow)?
7. i think i just want to be understood. i don’t want the empty nod.
8. if one more person tells me to see Moulin Rouge, I’ll have to see it.
9. i’m getting tired of drinking coffee. it’s almost like taking my vitamins.
10. the year’s not over yet – i still have time to do something amazing in 2005.

i have one more thing on my mind. it has to do with monopoly. i get irritated when people pronounce reading railroad as if it were a childrens’ literacy line rather than a city (pronounced REDDING) in pennsylvania. i know i won’t change the south, but i can at least start an argument every time someone tries to say, “take a ride on the reeding.”


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