sensing a pattern

last night, i had another boyfriend dream.

while i was in a park, i met a gorgeous redhead named Jase. His voice was deep and startling. My first thought about him was “wow” – he was an impressive person. In the next scene, I was getting emails from him (only they were called pods, not emails, and they came like little pieces of butter in a frying pan). The first one said, “Meeting you has been carrying me through.” I started blushing when I read it. The next one came immediately after that, and it said, “Still carrying me through.” I was so giddy. For some reason, I only had incoming pod capability. I tried to write him a note back, draw a box that said “send”, and push the box with my pencil, but that didn’t work. I kept writing him notes on paper. I could hardly see the pencil, even when I traced the words again and again.

Finally, he came around in person again. Things were pretty awkward, due to the fact that I never answered his pod.

He was setting the picnic table, and I walked up to him. I said, “I’m sorry. I kept writing you notes and throwing them away. I really like you. You carry me through too.” He smiled and then my alarm went off louder than it’s ever gone off before.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Jase was a midget. But not all the time. I think whenever I was worried that he wouldn’t like me, he was a midget. And when I admitted I liked him, he was about 6 feet tall.


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