maryjane’s last dance

the button popped off my right maryjane today. this means that the cute little strap across the top of my foot is now an unwieldy little flap.

you’d think my non-materialistic self wouldn’t really give a crap about this, but you’d be wrong.

i bought the shoes in buffalo, at the target on niagara falls boulevard, in 2003. i wore them to church every sunday in 2003 and most Sundays in 2004 and 2005. i wore them to job interviews, graduations, and also to work at least 75% of the time.

i love them. they’re non-traditional with a little wedge heel and a teardrop cutout. and buttons covered in black leather to secure the straps in place. of course, the leather has been reduced to a frayed little cuticle after this time, revealing the dented metal skeleton underneath, but it doesn’t make the buttons any less amazing. or functional.

which is why, when i was inserting my right foot into my right maryjane today, and i lost my balance, and jammed the strap forward, and popped the button, i broke my shoe.

but i’m still wearing it. i’m trucking on these babies until a) they fall apart at the seams b) i get an interoffice memo referencing section 1.4.5a of the employee handbook, “Ratty Articles of Clothing”, or c) a “well-meaning” friend steals them from me.

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